Exciting New Changes

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends who have joined me this year. Every like, view and comment is much appreciated and I am grateful for your friendship. I hope you have a happy, healthful and joyful 2014.

As a new year begins it is time for me to re-think my blogging strategy. I started blogging early last year (2013) and because I enjoy writing travelogues and have hundreds of photos I decided to split them into several different blogs. Now it is time for a New Year Resolution; I am going to combine and re-organize my blogs so they are mostly all together in one. I will be keeping my flower blog separate because I feel it is a very different genre.

All these posts will now feature on Travel Words to have a simplified and cohesive direction for my blogging output. I hope you will continue to follow my blog and enjoy it. If you are not already following Travel Words then you will need to go there and follow that blog to carry on seeing the sort of thing I usually post here. I look forward to seeing you all in 2014.

Jude xx

The posts will be re-categorized as follows:

On the Road

Entering Sedona

Entering Sedona

This category will feature my travel tales away from home which are a lot more wordier than this blog




Postcards will feature images from my travels. (what this blog is now)


Fred and Ginger

Fred and Ginger

Urbanicity features visual posts about architecture and urban fragments

2 thoughts on “Exciting New Changes

  1. Seems like a good plan Jude. I already follow both the blogs that are combining, so I should be up to speed. If I mess up, I will let you know!
    Have a good 1st. Regards as always, Pete. x

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