Travel Theme: Still

In anticipation of the upcoming solstice, Ailsa has collected a few photos illustrating variations of the word still.  The word solstice comes from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still) referring to the point at which the sun pauses on its seasonal path (as viewed from Earth) before reversing direction.

One of the strangest places I have been to is Dungeness here in the UK which is one of the largest expanses of shingle in the Europe, and is classified as Britain’s only desert by the Met office. Here I caught this photographer keeping very still whilst taking a photo of the anchored boat in this vast desolate landscape.

If you would like to join in (everyone’s welcome!) click here:

7 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Still

  1. Photos of photographers are always interesting, and I know the strange atmosphere of Dungeness well. It is made even stranger, by the imposing Nuclear Power Station, dominating one part. Nice shot Jude, full of emotion, at least for me.
    Regards as always, Pete. X

  2. This is a lovely capture, Jude. I feel like holding my breath for moment, not to disturb…
    I must admit, I have no idea where Dungeness is. I’ll have to look it up now. Sounds most interesting! Last Christmas I convinced Klausbernd to take me to Bacton, I was expecting something totally different, I suppose. 🙂
    Love, Dina

    • Thanks Dina. We only went there because we had been in Kent (and I never like to do the same route there and back if I can help it) so decided to wander down the coastline as far as Rye and then up to Scotney Castle (another NT place).

      It is an interesting place, though very bleak. Can’t see myself living there 🙂

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