The Next Challenge: Night Shots

Ed is looking for any kind of Night Shot this week

Join in with Ed’s Sunday Stills Next Challenge.

I don’t do a lot of night shots, and usually the ones I do I have to delete because they are so bad. I know. You must use a tripod to keep the camera still whilst it takes the shot.  These shots are of Downtown San Diego from a 24th floor apartment.

20 thoughts on “The Next Challenge: Night Shots

  1. I like to see the reflections in these photos Jude, classic Cityscape shots. I used to use a tripod all the time, in the distant past (1989) and got some nice views of Bamburgh Castle at midnight. All on film though, a long time before I bought into digital.
    Regards as always, Pete. X

    • No I didn’t! But some were taken through a floor to ceiling window so the camera was on the floor and I used the timer. The others I balanced the camera on the balcony (very scary) and also used the timer. Thank goodness it wasn’t windy!

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