Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week is to capture something unexpected.

If you want to see what others come up with for this challenge then go to The Daily Post @ WordPress  Weekly Photo Challenge.

Something Unexpected happened in Addo National Park, South Africa – click here to read the full Addo adventures

Shortly after the spot where yesterday’s lion was seen, my husband thought he’d seen something at the side of the road ahead. We pulled up at the side of the road and I think both of us stopped breathing when a young male lion and 2 lionesses walked out of the bush onto the road in front of us. We were completely alone and they really are much larger than you think this close up. Whilst I was trying to operate the camcorder they carried on walking right up to the car and several thoughts rushed through my mind as to whether I’d heard of lions attacking a car, whether they liked or disliked the colour white (the colour of my car) and whether my collision damage waiver covered me from a dent in the roof from a large cat leaping on top, until after approximately 30 seconds I lost my nerve and throwing the camcorder to my husband, quickly put the car into reverse and retreated some metres up the road. The three lions sneered at me and calmly walked back into the bush. Considering that at that time there were only nine lions in the entire park we were incredibly lucky to see three of them together.

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

    • It was most unexpected because you usually only see lions early or late in the day – these three popped out of the bush around 10 a.m. so it was a great shock (but a great memory too)

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