Travel Journey of the Week: The Louvre

I am mixing things up this week by providing a museum as our travel journey of the week.  The Louvre is filled with an unimaginable number of masterpieces.  Let’s share what we have discovered in the former palace

Join in with the challenge at Liberated Traveler.

My contribution is limited to photos of the outside of this wonderful building (actually I am not even sure you can photograph the inside), and on my last visit to the city I didn’t even get to go inside! Too many other attractions and not enough time. But as one of the world’s largest museums and central Parisian landmark, it is not to be missed.

4 thoughts on “Travel Journey of the Week: The Louvre

    • Thanks Pete. Getting there around sunset meant that the colours were so much warmer than during the day – and I can never resist photographing something through an arch or window!

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