The Next Challenge: Billboards or Roadside Advertisements

I don’t know what folks in other countries call them but here in the U.S. they are billboards, big giant signs on the sides of the road or set back on a hill and ruining some beautiful views, sometimes they are painted on the sides of buildings too. I’ll be curious to see what they have in other countries since we are a global challenge.. 😉

Join in with Ed’s Sunday Stills Next Challenge.

Well this week’s challenge is a tricky one. I can’t think of any large roadside adverts in this country, except maybe around London. There are sometimes large adverts on the side of a house or building usually advertising a new model of car, but I don’t usually photograph those, and the only giant signs I can think of are in the USA or Australia! So my entry this week is some much smaller advertisements found on the side of houses in Coalport, Shropshire probably dating from the 1950s – 1960s as they are the old enamel variety. Sorry Ed, I’ll try harder next week 😉

8 thoughts on “The Next Challenge: Billboards or Roadside Advertisements

  1. I reckon that we call them ‘hoardings’. You will see many in London, as you say, or on the motorways (occasionally). I like the battered Sunlight soap one. I estimate before 1960, in anyone’s money.
    Good stuff as always Jude.
    Regards from Norfolk, Pete. x

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