Travel Theme: Stone

Ailsa is having some stony encounters this week, though not unlike her brown phase of last week 😉

Join in with the challenge at Where’s My Backpack?

Since I have just returned from Cornwall I thought I’d show you some of the ancient stones we came across on the Penwith Peninsula.

14 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Stone

    • They are very iconic and I probably have better shots from a few years ago, as this was taken from quite a distance, but I thought I’d use some recent photos for a change. I’d never heard about the ancient village and standing stones before though, and the peninsula is covered in them!!

  1. I love the photos of the standing stones – particularly the round one with the hole in it. I’m an Aussie. Could you please tell me where the Penwith Peninsula is – it looks likes a fascinating place.

    • It is the south-western area west of Penzance, Cornwall towards Lands End. The Men an Tol has quite an interesting folklore attached to it. There are a lot of standing stones in this area which I hope to see more of on another visit.

    • A pleasure Amy. Most Cornish photos are of the coast – and why not, it is remarkable – but this challenge gave me an excuse to post something a little different. I’m glad you liked them.

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