A Word a Week Challenge: Favourite

Sue from ‘A Word in Your Ear’ celebrates one year of her A  WORD A WEEK CHALLENGE  this week and to celebrate she would like to thank all the amazing people who have taken part over the last 52 weeks.  To celebrate, instead of opening her dictionary and stabbing a word in the dark, she is choosing the word this week which is going to be…


so congratulation Sue for running such a successful and entertaining challenge and as requested here are a few of my favourite photos from my blog this year.

See Sue’s  A Word in Your Ear  to join in the challenge

2 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: Favourite

  1. I have to come down in favour of Yosemite, as my heart always goes with B+W shots. They are all really good in their own way though Jude, and I also like the beach huts very much. Is the Fred and Ginger building in Prague? It looks familiar, and I feel sure I have seen it.
    Great selection, as always.
    Regards, Pete. X

    • Yosemite is probably my favourite too, Pete. I fell in love with that valley. Nice to know you like the photo. Yes Fred and Ginger is in Prague, a very different architecture to the rest of the city.

      My trouble is that I find it very difficult to choose favourites. It all depends on my mood. Today I like the B&W, tomorrow I’ll probably prefer the beach huts. Sometimes I think I ought to just choose one genre and become an expert at it, and then something else will catch my eye! Typical Libran – can’t make a decision 😉

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