Travel Theme: Brown

Autumn in Geneva is all about Chestnuts, these ones are made of marzipan! 

Ailsa instructs us to “break out your mahogany, cinnamon, cocoa and hazel; dazzle me with toast, ecru and sepia” this week.

Join in with the challenge at Where’s My Backpack?

11 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Brown

  1. A real feast of colour here, the chestnuts are almost purple. (Though I think of them as conkers, but that is probably a different type…) With the red nodules, they resemble some sort of undersea, or perhaps alien life form. I’d like to see the shot without the borders, and zoomed in even closer, for an abstract ‘what is it?’ effect. Nice stuff, as always.
    Regards from Norfolk. Pete. x

    • Sweet chestnuts – the kind you used to find here roasted and sold in little vans often near the bus station – I loved them! But these are actually made out of marzipan and chestnut puree – they looked amazing 🙂

  2. I simply could not figure out what these things were! I even wondered if they were eyeballs. (!) Very cool. I’ll bet they’re delicious, too.

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