A Word a Week Challenge: Underneath

This week the dictionary has fallen open at the word underneath.

So this is a photo of a Gravity Clock – look up and observe the three slightly tilted rails just below the face of the clock. These rails hold the minute balls, ten-minute balls and hour balls. A ball rolls onto a rail with the passing of ever minute, every ten minutes and every hour. Since each ball represents an increment of time the Great Gravity Clock is digital. Each minute a ball moves around the face of the clock and is released onto the rails. Gravity takes over causing the balls to travel the rails

The top minute rail holds up to nine balls, each measuring one minute. When the tenth ball rolls onto the top rail it causes the rail to empty and a ball to drop onto the ten minute rail, the middle rail holds five balls representing fifty minutes. As the sixth ball rolls onto the rail it causes the rail to empty and one ball to drop to the hour rail.

The bottom rail catches one ball per hour up to twelve hours. All the digital rails will be full at 12:59 and at 1:00 all the balls cascade to the bottom of the tower and the twelve-hour sequence begins again.

Fascinating!  But I’m not convinced that this clock is accurate 🙂

See Sue’s  A Word in Your Ear  to join in the challenge

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