The Next Challenge: Creepy Things

Something from Hitchcock maybe…?

What makes you feel at unease, what makes your skin crawl? This week its all about creepy things. People, places, things.. o.k. well maybe not people but there are a few out there that give me the creeps. So what gives you the creeps?

posted as part of the Sunday Stills challenge from Ed.

13 thoughts on “The Next Challenge: Creepy Things

  1. Nice group of birds. I am never sure about these black ones; Jackdaws? Crows? Hooded Crows? I am no ornithologist, as you can tell Jude.
    They don’t scare me at all, but I am not too fond of scurrying things, like a lot of cockroaches in one spot. That would make me recoil.
    Regards as always, Pete.

    • They are House Crows apparently – taken in Chennai, and sort of between the size of a crow and a raven so quite big. I don’t photograph the things that I find creepy like snakes, spiders, scorpions and yes cockroaches urgh! But I did think these look menacing, as if they are about to attack – or maybe that’s just my imagination 😉

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