A Word a Week Challenge: Arch

This week the dictionary fell on the word Arch

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The Taj Mahal, still one of the Seven Wonders of the World, attracts millions of visitors each year.  The traditional southern view of the white domed mausoleum doesn’t always demonstrate the sheer scale of the building, nor take into effect the remainder of the integrated structures on the complex.

(Above) Crowds of visitors queue to enter the tomb which is the central focus of the complex. The central iwan (arch shaped doorway) is flanked by side pishtaqs (Iranian term for a portal projecting from the facade of a building.)

Given that Islamic Art forbids the use of the human image, the work of Mother Nature is the obvious spotlight. That, and transcripts of The Koran that run around all the doorways, makes the delicacy and the detail of all the decoration of this lovely place a true joy to behold. In line with the Islamic prohibition against the use of anthropomorphic forms, the decorative elements can be grouped into either calligraphy, abstract forms (geometric and herringbone patterns) or vegetative motifs.

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14 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: Arch

    • The colours are not particularly noticeable from a distance, but up close are incredibly rich and intricate. It is one of those buildings which actually exceeds its reputation.

      • It’s true, what you say. I’m just telling you that the well-deserved status of Taj Mahal should not make me, and you, forget about some unacknowledged deserving beautiful buildings. With the power to photograph comes the responsibility to represent too.

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