Black & White: ‘A Chorus of Angels’

Above: Wingham, Kent

This churchyard contained many headstones with the skull and crossbones carvings which I can’t say I’ve seen in many other places. Click on the photos below for more information.

Cee has taken over the Black and White Challenge and as there is no ‘which way’ this week I thought I’d upload some photos of churches / graveyards which would have been the next topic from Sonel’s Corner.

Join in the challenge with the topic of “My Favourite Things

19 thoughts on “Black & White: ‘A Chorus of Angels’

  1. I love old graveyards, and like to try to find the oldest burial date! The skull and crossbones look suitably chilling, though I have seen this before, I think in the old Nunhead Cemetery, in South London. Great stuff Jude. regards, Pete. x

    • Well there are plenty for you to browse through in Norfolk Pete! Though I didn’t come across any more skull and crossbones. I think the London cemeteries would be very interesting to search through, I’m a bit miffed that I didn’t go into London more when I had the opportunity.
      J xx

      • It’s never too late Jude! Kensal Green alone is worth a day trip. It is huge, and interesting too. You could combine it with a visit to the Neasden Hindu Temple, a real marvel, not far from Central London. Perhaps factor in a quick trip to Marx’s grave in Highgate too? Regards as always, Pete. x

    • Yes, but Cee had got in first with some lovely flower portraits which probably ARE my favourite things. I do find churches and headstones fascinating though.

    • Thanks Cathy, not the oldest date in the cemetery but the sharpest for converting to B&W. I like ‘grabbing’ bits from the headstones – the date, decoration, interesting inscription.

    • Nice thought, but I believe it is just a symbol of death and mortality and quite common on early graves up until the First World War. Apparently known pirates were hung and not given graves or headstones.

  2. Like your images, especially your composition of the Countisbury gravestones. I, too am fascinated by gravestones, especially really old and possibly abandoned cemeteries – Nunhead is well worth a visit.

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