Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

For this challenge, get out there and take a picture demonstrating the concept of focus. Depending on your skill level or type of camera, tinker with the manual settings, use the auto focus feature, or play around with an app.

If you want to see what others come up with for this challenge then go to The Daily Post @ WordPress  Weekly Photo Challenge.

I use a lot of shallow DOF when photographing flower portraits as on my flower blog Earth Laughs with Flowers but on holiday this week I got a chance to photograph dragonflies in the garden of the cottage we were staying in.

The main picture (above) is as I captured the image, the one below has been tweaked a little in Elements – adding blur to the background. Both images are taken with a bridge camera on auto settings in full sunlight, and although I am happy enough with the backgrounds I would like the dragonfly to be sharper.


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

  1. This is an excellent effort, for auto exposure in bright sun. It is worth noting, that many ‘nature photographers’ actually use studio settings to achieve startling ‘outdoor’ results. Others are using reasonably complex, hugely expensive medium format cameras, with macro lenses costing thousands of pounds, as well as specialist flashguns, and reflectors. You should be very pleased, with your ‘tweaked’ result, as good as many I have seen in magazines. Regards as always, Pete.

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