Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

For this challenge, capture two images — a horizontal and a vertical version — of the same scene or subject. There are no concrete “rules” here, but a) it should be evident that both shots are of the same place/location or person/thing, and b) your photographs should ideally have been taken during the same shoot — where’s the challenge if you’re just plucking out pictures of a particular location or person from your archives?

If you want to see what others come up with for this challenge then go to The Daily Post @ WordPress  Weekly Photo Challenge.

Although I often take shots at different angles ( as in the main image above) as well as horizontal and vertical, today I went out to capture some new images. These are of Binham Priory in Norfolk which was home to a Benedictine community of monks for over 400 years. Founded in 1091 by the Norman baron Peter de Valognes the priory was built on land given to him by his uncle, William the Conqueror. The nave is still in use as Binham’s parish church.

I would be interested to see which of shots you prefer. Click on a photo for more information.



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