Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Thunderstorm

This challenge offers some fun opportunities to play — not only with the subject of your photo, but with light, color, and contrast to evoke foreshadow. Perhaps foreshadow is an open bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. Maybe it’s a diamond ring in small velvet box. Maybe it’s a flower bud about to burst into bloom, or the first leaf that turns color on your oak tree. What does foreshadow mean to you? Looking forward to seeing the creative ways in which you portray foreshadow in your posts.

See more photos depicting the interpretation of foreshadow at The Daily Post @ WordPress  Weekly Photo Challenge.

I was pondering what I could do for this challenge when quite fortuitously, as I sat in front of my computer, the sky darkened and thunder clouds glowered over the rooftops right outside my window! Grabbing my camera I headed outdoors to capture  the extraordinary effects this was having on the buildings around me. The heavy black cloud rumbled its way across the sky, then broke flinging raindrops the size of saucers onto the hot ground followed by hailstones shattering the delicate summer blooms. I stood and clicked away as the floor of my hallway became saturated with rain and hail. Five minutes later the cloud had moved away leaving the sky purple around the edges. As the sun shone out from the west, the light turned yellow, intensifying the colour of the rain clouds and illuminating an enormous vivid rainbow.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Thunderstorm

    • Thanks Lily. It was very dramatic – I haven’t seen a hailstorm like that for many years, and the sky afterwards was incredible. The light within the rainbow was glowing, like being in a bubble. I was very lucky to capture it as it was over very quickly!

  1. You got the whole thing, hailstones through to rainbow! It doesn’t get better than that; and you were quick to spot the opportunity too. Great stuff Jude. Regards as ever, Pete. x

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