A Word a Week Challenge: Telhados… as they say in Portugal

A recent visit to Lisbon offered all these wonderful views of roofs

See Sue’s  A Word in Your Ear for more amazing rooftops and to join in the challenge

8 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: Telhados… as they say in Portugal

    • Waves is incredible! Actually made me feel rather queasy – and on a visit to the Tate in St Ives there was an exhibition with Bridget Riley Op-Art. One of them made me feel so ill I thought I was going to get a migraine and I had to get out of that room! Have you been to Lisbon Jo?

      • Twice but it was in the days when Mick wielded the camera. I should go back but I can’t seem to organise an Algarve flight at the minute let alone… 🙂 (our next door neighbours are in Porto- Boo hoo! 😦

      • Porto’s wonderful but especially because of the Douro. There’s magic if ever I saw it!
        Price mostly! We’re skinflints. I’m still trying to get a good flight deal for the September wedding in Poland and it has to fit around that. July/August are a bit hot for my adventurous spirit (though Mick prefers it that way, then he can just be lazy). I had such plans for this year! (all in my head 😦 ) And I’m nowhere near to making it to Florence, or down to Cadiz and Jerez- the latter might just happen but first I have to book Faro) And what about Morocco and Coimbra??? 😦 I’m off to look at your lighthouse and have a sulk cos I didn’t make it to Cascais either.

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