Travel Theme: Sweet

Blejska kremsnita

The Park Restaurant and Café is situated on the shore of Lake Bled and  is the birthplace of this symbol of Bled cuisine. It is where I had many a breakfast with a large Americano – thankfully we only stayed in Bled for a week and we were able to walk off some of the calories by a circuit around the lovely lake 😉


Seven, the fairytale number, is the secret behind this legendary dessert. To make the original Bled cream cake, puff pastry is folded seven times and left to rest overnight so it is even lighter when baked in the morning. A light egg custard is boiled for precisely seven minutes before stiffly beaten egg whites are added to it and the mixture is poured over the first layer of delicate puff pastry. The delicious custard cream is topped with a layer of whipped cream and covered with a second layer of puff pastry, which is then dusted with vanilla sugar. The original Bled cream cakes are still made strictly to the recipe perfected by the pastry chef in the 1940s.

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