Daily Prompt: Fill in the blank

The Daily Prompt on Friday talked about Equal Opportunity, and using photographs for inspiration. As I use this blog solely for photographs I thought I’d try to join in for the week, but in the spirit of equal opps I will also try to add some words!

Today’s Daily Prompt Challenge

Three people walk into a bar…

I have a friend (or more accurately my husband has a friend) who knows LOADS of these bar jokes, but alas I am hopeless at remembering any of them. So my interpretation today is an image of a springbok along with the amusing South African drinking game. Enjoy 🙂

Three people walk into a bar…in South Africa and order a springbok.

The Springbok Challenge.

1. Pour a shot glass ¾ full of crème de menthe. Top with amarula.

2. Stand several feet away from the bar (where your shot glass rests)

3. Make horns with your hands on your head and wiggle them.

4. Stomp your feet and snort through your nostrils.

5. Look left then look right (to check for lions), then hop forwards.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you reach the bar.

7. Grab the glass with your mouth and tip it down your throat (the drink that is, NOT the shot glass.)

8. Best played after several beers!

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